Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that I am often asked before someone starts therapy.  If you have additional questions, please send me a message or schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

When do you offer sessions?

Sessions are offered Monday - Thursday with the first appointment of the day at 9:00am and the last appointment at 1:30pm.

How frequent are the sessions?

My main concern is helping you to meet the goals you have for yourself and to help you start feeling better as soon as possible.  In order to do that, I have experienced the most success in working more intensely with my clients.  When working with me, be prepared to attend sessions on a weekly basis as we really work through the issues that bring you to therapy.  Once you begin to experience significant relief we will taper down to meeting once every other week, and then work towards the completion of therapy when it becomes apparent that you have gained the tools needed and feel ready to end therapy.  This entire process is a collaboration between you and I, and will move at your unique pace. 

Depending on your needs and goals, therapy intensives are also available which would consist of multiple sessions per week.

How long can I expect to be in therapy?

Therapy is a very individual process for each person and depends on the particular circumstances of your situation and the goals you have for yourself in therapy.  We will check in periodically with each other to discuss how your progress is coming along so that we make sure we are on the right track for what you want to accomplish in therapy.

I was referred to you but I don't have a spiritual orientation, or, I'm not Christian.  Can we still work together?

You might have been referred to me by someone you know and are surprised to see this faith-based approach on my website because that wasn't mentioned to you.  I have been a secular psychotherapist my entire career, with my personal faith running separate from my work in session with clients.  This is what we do as trained therapists.  I deeply value where each of my client's are in all respects including spiritual.  I now enjoy the opportunity to offer faith-based psychotherapy to those interested in therapy with a focus on Christian values, so that I can create a safe place for people to speak openly and easily and wrestle with issues of faith and the Bible.  My client's are in charge of how much or little they would like to incorporate their personal spiritual beliefs and practices.  I have been honored throughout my entire career to serve clients of many different faiths and I continue to do so.