Parenting is one of the most challenging roles we will have in our lifetime.  What the heck?!  No one told us it was going to be this hard!  No one told you that you would be so exhausted, so busy, and so grumpy!  Before kids, you thought you knew just how you were going to be as a mom.  You wouldn't do it like those other moms who seem so controlling, demanding, grumpy and yelling at their kids all the time.

...but gosh, you find yourself acting that way with your kids more than you thought you ever would.  You feel like a terrible parent most of the time - "What am I doing to my kids?"  "I just want to be a loving parent."  "I don't want my  kids to grow up with the kind of mom I am becoming."  You need help to stop this.  Now.  

There is hope.  You CAN become more of the mom you want to be.  You CAN become the mom your kids need you to be. 

Let's work on this together.

I can help you gain tools you need to find your calm voice, to feel more in control, instead of being "controlling."  Tools to help you build a positive relationship with your child, and tools that help you model healthy behavior for your precious little ones.  

Let's work on helping you create a home with more harmony.

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