You're so tired of feeling this way.

You're ready to start feeling better.

You've been struggling for quite a while with stress, overwhelm, unhappiness, worry, insecurity, self-doubt, or guilt. You might have had a trauma that left you feeling like you've lost your direction, like you've lost who you are. The emotions feel out of control and it’s not only effecting you, but it’s also impacting the people you love. It’s starting to get in the way of taking care of things the way you need to.

You’ve tried everything you know but just don't know what to do anymore.

Therapy can help.

We’ll work together to help you dig out of the darkness and find some clarity. We’ll dive deep to find understanding and perspective. You’ll learn tools that will help you deal with stress and big feelings so that you can find peace within yourself and show up for the people you love as your best self.

And for those of you who have chosen a Christ-centered faith, and those who are contemplating bringing Christ-centered spirituality into your family, this is a safe and open place to explore, reflect and integrate your faith into your healing and growth journey. Check out the Christian Counseling Specialty page here.

In-person & Online Counseling available